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Rental Terms & Conditions

The following terms apply in addition to our T&Cs when renting items.


Duration & Rebates

List-price = Single Day

List-prices shown are valid per calendar day.

With the exception of pickups after 17:00 on the previous day, these are free of charge.

Rebate for Weekends

Weekend prices are 150% of list-price.

Pickup Friday afternoon, returns on Sunday.

Rebate for Full Weeks

Weekly price are 3 x list-price.

Pickup from Monday, returns before Sunday.

General Terms

All transactions (pickups and returns) must be completed before 20:00 (8 p.m.), following which another full day rate is charged until the date of return.

Warning: In case of a delayed return no rebates will be applied – that includes weekend and weekly rebates as listed above. List-price will be charged for each calendar day from the day of pickup to the day of return.


Deposit and Minimum Charges

The minimum charged per rental process is 80 Euro net, regardless of the number of items.

Deposit is 100 Euro per item. The deposit must be paid in cash on pickup. Failing payment of the full deposit it is not possible to hand out items.

All items are to be returned in the same state as they were picked up in. In case of deviation, the following charges are set per item:

  • Cleaning fee 40 Euro net (so please handle them as your own)
  • Scratches and minor damages: +1 day rent
  • Major damages affecting the functioning of items: +5 days rent
  • Loss: Value of item, at least 500 Euro net.


Film Weapon Rental Austria

Many different types of guns are used for movies: Items, airsoft guns, water gel guns, deactivated war materials, non-deactivated war materials, live firing guns that have been modified to fire blanks, blank firing guns, guns with pyrotechnic charges, etc.

The resulting complexity is important to understand in detail in order to ensure that your production acts according to legal guidelines.

We are here for you to consult and guide you to make sure the production looks incredible and does so within legal boundaries and with the highest possible safety.

Armorer on Set

Our seasoned experts are happy to lend a hand for blank firing guns on set.

For shots fired, we charge 2 Euro net. For shoots without a supervisor, you can buy blank firing ammo at retail prices starting from 1.000 cartridges.


We burn for authentic action and love to individually support projects from script to finish.

Of course our courses are ideally suited to educate your cast and crew to handle stunts, special effects and film weapons themselves!

Education always pays off in the long-run.

Just drop us a line.


We wish you lots of joy creating authentic action and sparking emotional moments in your audience.

It would be our honour to take this journey with you.

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