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Profitieren Sie von Action auf höchstem Niveau: Stunts, Workshops, Beratung, Special Effects & Filmwaffen

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Die eigenen Grenzen zu überwinden ist nicht immer leicht – leichter gehts mit FFF und Hosn: Den Hosen für Business, Sport und Stunts.

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Action Workshops

Erleben Sie unvergessliche Action unter der Leitung internationaler Profis.

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Workshops for Stunts and SFX

Learn from the world’s best: Our cutting edge workshops offer unforgettable hands-on experience in action production – for film professionals as well as for teams and the next generation of action stars.

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Film weapons rental and sales

Our fully licensed armorers offer highest safety on set for all kinds of firearms, from muskets to tanks.

Rentals for certain unrestricted types of film weapons are also available.

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Create authentic, convincing and gripping Action.

Fighting for Film is by your side to create unforgettable memories on and off the big screen. Learn from international professionals, special forces, weapon masters, pyrotechnicians, stuntmen and -women.

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Our destiny: Support the portrayal of authentic action in productions.

Our path: Growing through ever greater challenges and taking each step with our reliable partners:

Stunt Factory has been recognised with several Guinness World Records for body burn stunts
TDKM educates the Italian special forces
Bare Arms supports film and television with seasoned military experts in the UK
Extra Specialists offers veteran expertise for movie productions in Australia
Pyroserv is an Austrian special effects supplier run by a bodyguard and shooting instructor
Massive Fire is a specialist for SFX and fireworks based in Vienna


Our team has been granted the responsibility to support these productions in making their action scenes intense and emotional:

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